Sue Bryan Designs jewelry is hand-crafted in Los Angeles. I make every attempt to use sustainable and ethical materials and processes where possible.  All of my designs are made by hand – either fabricated from sheet metal & wire or cast by a small casting house and finished by me. Handmade goods by definition include an amount of variability and may contain minor surface variations that make them unique, but each one of my pieces is finished with great care and to a high level of quality.

All finishes change with time – polished areas will scratch and matte finishes will burnish smooth. Blackened finishes will fade with wear. All of these finishes can be reapplied – contact me for details.


Please read the details of the jewelry you are purchasing, including sizes and chain lengths. If you have any questions please contact me before purchasing.  

Ring sizing can be a challenge, as your fingers can change by up to a size depending on temperature and time of day. Additionally, jewelers’ ring sizers are not well calibrated and can vary greatly. The best option is to be sized in person by Sue Bryan Designs. In any case, it’s best to get sized several times, on different days and at different times before ordering a ring. 

If being sized in person is not an option, I have plastic sizers that I can ship for a small fee – please email me to request one.


Store pieces separately and clean with mild soap and toothbrush.

All sterling silver will tarnish, but you can slow this by storing it in an air-tight plastic bag. (3m anti-tarnish paper strips will slow oxidation further). Tarnish is easily removed if not allowed to accumulate. Liquid silver polishes are a good option. Avoid instant dips or sprays that contain carcinogenic chemicals like thiourea or perchloroethylene. A jewelry polishing cloth can also be used (they will brighten matte finishes somewhat).  

To restore a matte finish, rub with baking soda and water or use a green 3m Scotchbrite pad. These are abrasive and remove a small amount of silver, so do this only occasionally.  

Leather or micro-suede cords may stretch. Please avoid getting them wet, as they may shrink or crack. When polishing a pendant on a cord, take the cord off to protect it.

Avoid harsh chemicals, (including ammonia and chlorine, which can harm gold jewelry). Remove rings when using tools or doing heavy work. Never wear rings while swimming, as they can slip off.