Inspired by the strength that intentionally designed objects can give us, my goal is to create pieces of jewelry that act as private amulets. The power of these objects can come from the intention of the wearer, the giver, or the maker. I’ve made pieces to offer support and to build empowerment and look forward to seeing what my work can represent for others. 

I am drawn to forms inspired by both nature and architecture. With a background in biology, I'm especially fascinated with nature's complex systems and how they mirror what it means to be human. I keep coming back to seed pods, which hold such potential in their tiny enclosures.

I enjoy exploring unconventional materials, but I still find manipulating metal to be exhilarating - the challenges of working the material and planning the fabrication keep the process fresh every time. Details matter - an obsession with usability, meticulous finishing, and ethically sourced materials all contribute to jewelry that helps us be our best selves.



I grew up wielding power tools and craft materials in Minnesota and have always been most happy making things.  I left college with a B.S. in Biology and a M.A. in Linguistics and went to travel the world with a backpack for five years. 

I currently live in Los Angeles where I have spent the last 20 years designing theme park attractions, specializing in interactive experiences.  I have received jewelry making training from a number of craft schools and respected jewelry artists and spend many of my weekends honing my metalsmithing skills.