I believe that design empowers us to be our best selves, opening new doors in our lives. Like a beautiful tool or secret piece of armor, beloved objects can act as talismans to encourage us to take risks, meet challenges, and discover new capabilities.

Whether worn to remind us of who we are or given as gift of love, jewelry is powerful. And becoming a metalsmith has allowed me to share this power with others.

Working in metal is exhilarating - manipulating such an enduring material is intense - every stage of the design, planning, technical production, and precise finishing is equally important, in order to create a piece of jewelry that is as strong and unique as its wearer.  

Most of my pieces have roots in the design of the natural world. I'm fascinated with nature's complex systems and how they mirror what it means to be human (particularly seed pods, which hold such potential in their tiny enclosures). I often use close-up photography to study the lives of plants and flowers, and then transform their intricate details into minimalist design elements.

My work is made from both precious and alternative materials, with of a variety of surface treatments. I'm obsessed with the details that elevate each piece to something special - high quality, ethically sourced materials; careful craftsmanship; and hand-applied finishing touches. Each design is created with meticulous attention to usability and reliability. In my world details matter.

All of this results in a special piece of jewelry that can be the perfect object to broaden the possibilities of your day.


I grew up wielding power tools and craft materials and am most happy making and learning new things.

A 20 year career designing interactive theme park attractions has given me ample opportunity to do both.  Designing large-scale experiences that are created to make people happy for decades has been a fast track to understanding the importance of quality and customer service.

My academic background reflects two of the things that I continue to love learning about - nature and languages.  I have a M.A. in Linguistics and B.S. in biology.  In both I was interested in studying behavior, which in my career turned into a fascination with usability. The hours I spent watching animals and learning about language usage have proven surprisingly helpful in becoming a designer who gives the end user the last word in what works for them. 

I started making jewelry after returning to the US after many years abroad, and have taken classes from a number of master instructors through the years.  After a career hiatus, I starting making pieces for friends (as a way to offer support), and for myself (as a way to express more about who I am).  I am now starting to share these designs with others.